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Sandman Presents: Thessaly Witch for Hire #4

Posted: Sunday, May 9, 2004
By: Shawn Hill

"The Last Full Measure or What Are all these Dead Guys doing in My Living

Writer: Bill Willingham
Artist: Shawn MacManus

Publisher: DC/Vertigo

Thessaly has to nullify the ultimate nullifier, or whatever it is that's coming for her, so she goes about getting her house in order in case she can't.

What's Interesting:
Well, I suppose anyone who understands the nature of these sorts of ersatz love stories could have seen it coming, but the finale and solution to Thessaly's problem only seemed inevitable to me after reading the issue. I guess last ish really had me scared after all.

The most interesting part of the issue is seeing Thess tie up loose ends, and MacManus's comic vision is in full play here, mixing the macabre with the maudlin to achieve pleasurable, goofy fantasy sequences. Oh, and my prediction about the final fate of her tormentors? Right on the money.

Fetch himself is of course always amusing. He's pretty much the cartoon equivalent of Ash from the Evil Dead films, only not so kick-ass. He's ironically cast as Thess's knight in armor on the charming cover by Tara McPherson (who has been one of the principal selling points for this series).

What's less interesting:
The way out of the impending doom just too, and awfully convenient. Still, it does exact a price, and it also ties up a loose thread from previous issues (ie, what Fetch is made of), so it's not all bad. On the whole, this has been a fitfully charming series that had better set-pieces than it did an overall story. Above mediocre, but far from classic.

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