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Legion #32

Posted: Sunday, May 9, 2004
By: Shawn Hill


Writers: Abnett and Lanning
Artists: Batista (p), Wallace and Leisten (i)

Publisher: DC

Garth stews, surprisingly rationally even though he finds himself in a body of crystal that resembles a fallen comrade whom everyone feared. Meanwhile, M'Onel's mission of peace in the Second Galaxy went horribly awry, and he barely makes it back for reinforcements.

This issue looks wonderful, with great art by Batista that shows the team to their advantage. His clarity and convincing tech is a great fit for this title. Itís also good to see DnA revisit some of their old plot-points, if with the usual "now who was that again?" belatedness. Still, we have seen the Credo in this run of the series (not just in Legion Lost or Worlds), about 25 issues back, and they were even then mounting an offensive against what they perceived as the ruination of their worlds.

It's kind of a shame that the Credo are such brutal thugs, because their unity (within diversity) and their colorful uniforms recall a kind of futuristic Green Lantern Corps. They (like the Kwai, whose armor Batista has finally gotten the hang of) make for some stunning visuals, as much for Batista as they did for Snejberg. To bad he doesn't have the hang of Lightle's sexy thong design for Tasmia's costume, but, one out of multitudes ain't bad.

As things stand, the Legion has to rescue some captured teammates, resolve Garth's status, and solve a racially motivated space war created by one of their own members gone horribly astray through time. That's a lot to put on the one remaining issue by this team, but it's still more exciting than reviving a pale shadow of Darkseid, as in the last anticlimactic arc.

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