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Firestorm #1

Posted: Wednesday, May 12, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Dan Jolley
Artists: ChrisCross and John Dell

Publisher: DC

This issue is all about introducing us to the new character who will control the Firestorm entity, and while part of me is disappointed that Ronnie looks to have been cast aside, I have to say I'm far more intrigued by the notion that the new Firestorm will be a combination of our lead character, and whoever happens to be in his general vicinity. This should make for an interesting character dynamic that will in effectively make Firestorm into a different entity every time we see him, and I'm looking forward to watching what Dan Jolley does with this idea. Now I have to say the problems of our new lead character felt a bit too much like the story was trying too hard to make him into a hard luck hero, as he's saddled with an abusive father, limited job prospects, and a need for money that drives him to become involved in questionable activities.

However, unlike Peter Parker who acts as the measuring stick by which all other hard-luck heroes are compared, Jason ends up feeling a bit too self-serving, which in turn makes it a little tough to become overly involved in his pressing need to secure the money he needs. Still, the issue does act as an effective introduction to his world, and while it's done in a confusing manner, the Firestorm elements entrance into his world makes for a solid little mystery. ChrisCross' art is pretty solid, as while his style is clearly suited to the delivery of the high energy moments, he does a credible job conveying the various emotional hurdles that our hero encounters.

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