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Alpha Flight #3

Posted: Thursday, May 13, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artists: Clayton Henry and Mark Morales

Publisher: Marvel Comics

This series is not off to the promising start that is needs to be, as Scott Lobdell seems to be operating under the impression that the best way to grab the interest of the readers is to spend an entire issue on the back-story of a race of evil alien invaders, instead of developing the characters that will make up his cast. It also doesn't help that after spending the entire issue delivering the back-story for the Plodex the only impression that I walked away with is that they are an evil, war mongering race, which hardly makes them a unique entity among the evil, war mongering aliens that populate the comic book landscape. To make matters worse this issue doesn't even get to the point where the Plodex pose a danger to the planet Earth, which means we're likely going to have to use up even more time to deliver this idea.

Now there's some cute moments, like the scene where the alien with the great idea is killed and his great idea is picked up by the warrior who killed him. As for the art, I have to say Clayton Henry's art is pretty solid when it comes to delivering the humorous elements but this issue calls upon him to deliver the savagery of a warrior race, and this is something that his art struggles to convey. I also found my copy of the issue looked to be a bit out of focus on its opening and closing pages.

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