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Fables #25

Posted: Sunday, May 16, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Bill Willingham
Artists: Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha

Publisher: D.C. Comics

This issue is all about Bill Willingham getting all his ducks in a row as both sides in this impending battle are marshalling their forces, and by the end of this issue the level of excitement is at a ridiculous level. There's some great moments in this issue, from the scene where we are essentially taken on a tour of the construction of a wooden soldier, to the little comedy bit where we see Prince Charming is called upon to create enough marital tension to keep the Beast in his beastly guise for the impending war. In fact this issue is full of character moments that nicely make use of the various characters that have populated these pages, and I'm delighted by the idea that the Fables from the Farm have been brought forward to fight in this battle. One also has to love the fact that Prince Charming continues to make a bid to secure his political future even in the midst of this impending crisis. There's also a wealth of cute little details, from the facial reactions of the magic users when they learn they'll be working for free, to the activity that Pinocchio is engaged in when he's having his conversation with Jack.

As for the art, Mark Buckingham shows once again why he's the ideal artist for this series, as he perfectly captures the fantasy elements of the series, while keeping enough realism to the style that one never forgets that these fantastic elements are continually including enough reality based elements, to keep the book grounded. The art also does a wonderful job of when it comes to visually tailoring the panel designs to the story on the page, with the conversation with the witches and warlocks being a particularly clever panel layout.

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