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Nightwing #93

Posted: Monday, May 17, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Devin Grayson
Artists: Patrick Zircher and Andy Owens

Publisher: D.C. Comics

I suppose congratulations are in order, as I remember rather early in Devin Grayson's run on this title I was complaining that this series need a good kick in the pants, and as I finish this issue I have to notice all the changes that have been made over this past arc. Yes Devin Grayson has utterly gutted Nightwing's rogues gallery, dismantled his supporting cast, and by the end of this issue we see Dick has betrayed the one principle that made him a better person than the criminals he was fighting. Yes the big shocking moment in this issue has Nightwing making no effort to stop Tarantula from putting a bullet into Blockbuster's head, and I guess we're supposed to draw some solace from the idea that he feels really bad about it afterwards. Now this being comics I fully expect that Blockbuster will be back if the outcry from the fans gets too heated, but I have to say I'm more disappointed by the contrived feel that this climax had as Blockbuster has a gun pointed at his head, and the only action he takes is to continue to drive the point home that if he was allowed to live he would make Nightwing's life a living hell.

I mean Blockbuster is fast enough to surprise the highly agile Nightwing with his speed but when the story needs him to stand in one spot while he gets shot in the head by a person well within his reach, suddenly he's utterly helpless to protect himself. As for the art Patrick Zircher finally gets the opportunity to show what he can do, as Blockbuster's fight with Nightwing has numerous big impact visuals, and I have to say I was also quite impressed with the simplicity of the one page shot that conveys the gun going off.

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