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She-Hulk #3

Posted: Tuesday, May 18, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Dan Slott
Artists: Juan Bobillo and Marcelo Sosa

Publisher: Marvel Comics

A smartly written adventure as we see She-Hulk becomes entangled with a murder case in which the victim rises from the grave to testify at their murder trial, and Dan Slott manages to put a fun little spin on this idea as we soon discover the testimony of a ghost isn't any more reliable than one you would receive from a living person with a motive to lie. In fact I have to say I was genuinely surprised when the ghostly presence offered up his testimony, and I had to smile when Dan Slott revealed the motive for why the murder victim would finger the wrong person as his killer. Now one could openly question why the real killer did such a sloppy job of covering his tracks, as he left a wealth of clues that would tie him to the murder, but the most engaging elements of this issue result from watching how the more fantastic elements of the Marvel Universe are worked into the courtroom, as there's a great little exchange in this issue where we see a case is made that the dead should have rights under the law due to the simple fact that there's a pretty good chance that they could come back to life.

I also enjoyed how continuity elements from the Fantastic Four are seamlessly inserted into the pages of this title, as it does create a sense of cohesion in the Marvel Universe that we don't see much anymore. As for the art, I have to say I love the amount of detail that is on the page, as the characters are wonderfully expressive, and while there isn't much action in this issue, what little there is was powerfully rendered. I also have to say that's a lovely cover image, as it's downright photo-realistic.

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