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District X #1

Posted: Friday, May 21, 2004
By: James Redington

Writer: David Hine
Artists: David Yardin(p), Alejandro Sicat(i)

Publisher: Marvel

I created a monster.

About three years ago I left university, had my degree, got a job and my comic buying habit increased ten fold. A friend of mine, Neil was a bit of Star Trek fan and we liked similar films, but he had never read a comic in life. He had never seen the TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer, finally (about half way through season 5) he watched an episode and fell in love with it. He watched all my boxsets, and was interested in maybe picking up a comic - just to have a look. The reason I tell you is because now Neil spends almost double the money I spend on comics a month and I spend far too much - now my point is recently there have been a lot of 1st issues or mini series’ out that I probably would not buy that I have brought because the monster I created convinced me too. I have wasted a lot of money on comics I didn’t enjoy, which brings me to the latest issue I got that normally I would not have picked up - District X issue #1, and I actually liked it.

This issue is good, it’s a nice set up for what may be an eye opening look at mutant life in the city suburbs. The story starts with a cop explaining to his partner why he is laying in Hospital, a bullet wound to his head and why he unconscious for over a day. The flash back starts with the two cops patrolling the area in their car, we are introduced to District X. It is called this because the area is full of mutants etc. One of the policemen has a bad attitude towards mutants (the one who was shot) and his partner continues to tell him to shut up every time he makes a comment against mutants. They answer a call and find a man with his wife in chains and gagged, begging them not to let her out as her voice is driving him crazy - they arrest him and let her out, she talks and the mutant hating cop hears her and shots the husband, turns on the woman and then on himself, but the bullet only scratches him as his partner manages to knock the gun away. His partner then covers up the incident to make it look like the husband did it. At the end of the issue the cop is back at the station and told he has to look after a new detective who has experience with the problems they have in District X – Enter Bishop!

Well apart from the cliché's this was good, I like the ideas of dealing with non “superhero” mutants and hope this series continues to follow this path. I think I preferred this to last week’s Uncanny X-Men actually because it feels more grounded in reality. The dialogue in this issue is pretty good, and the voice over works well with the pictures that tell a different story - in fact I really liked this.

The art is nice, its does it job. I don’t really have o much to comment on it because its not bad but also its nothing special. The cars and the suburbs look good as do the lead character, I liked the grittiness of it. The cover was ok, but misleading as Bishop is not in the issue till the final page though.

Good 1st issue, finally a comic that Neil convinced me to buy that I like. I will probably pick up the next issue to see where this series is really going, but it has a good start.

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