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Bite Club #2

Posted: Friday, May 21, 2004
By: James Redington

Writers: Howard Chaykin and David Tischman
Artist: David Hahn

Publisher: DC/Vertigo

How DC Describe The Issue:
Hot girls in bikinis collide with blood smoothies as this explosive new miniseries continues. Leto Del Toro, the first vampire priest in history, has just inherited the family business. But can a son of the church make his dead father proud by running Miami's nastiest crime cartel?

How Was It?
This is actually not a bad little comic, the thing is though nothing so far explains why the lead characters had to be vampires. What’s the reason for it? It could very well be just a gangster comic, I am hoping the vampire angle will come into play soon. That aside Chaykin and Tischman have tried very hard to tell the audience what the vampires in their story actually are, they are “not the creatures of erotic fiction, BUT victims of a mutated animal virus” and they make good hitmen because of their “almost superhuman strength”. Actually if I am honest I would never have brought this comic if it was not for the vampire angle, I tend o lead towards interesting ideas that feature vampires.

This issue deals with our lead character ‘Leto’ wondering why he has bben given the family business to run, struggling with his very sexually active sister and coping with his own desires. The story is told in an insider looking in way, a voice over that allows us information of the past and also an inslight into the characters thoughts. This is good, but it make it feel like at the end the final scene will be another character telling the story to some cops or even one we know spilling his guts. The art is very nice, David Hahn draws the characters so they are very attractive, especially the naked sister - the reaction of Leto is shown very well in the subtle expressions on his face. The colouring is very interesting through the comic, each scene has its own favour - its own identity due to the main colour being used in that particular scene. Frank Quitely deserves a quick mention for nice cover, better than the 1st issue by far, the woman on the front cover much better on this one.

In The End:
This is a comic that is worth picking up if you can spare the cash, if not wait for the trade - I am sure there will be one and like most comic arcs nowadays it will probably flow much better reading it as a whole.

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