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Seaguy #1

Posted: Wednesday, May 26, 2004
By: Shawn Hill

“Run, Zoo, Run!”

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Cameron Stewart

Publisher: Vertigo

Uhm, yeah. Boy and Fish go to amusement park, where all is most definitely not kosher. Also, they only eat food made of Xoo, and chunks of the moon are raining steadily on the planet. Chunks with awfully good aim, and covered in alien writing.

Okay, two takes on this one:

1. Serious: This book is the most like Morrison’s Animal Man of any of his recent projects, both visually (Stewart’s powerful graphic simplicity and pop-culture ambience recall Chas Truog’s work) and narratively. Well, to a point, as it’s even less linear and more subtly meta-fictional. If The Filth was Morrison’s vision of Europe as corrupt, mindblown and given over to ever more esoteric thrill-seeking (mixed in with liberal portions of denial in true sci-fi fashion), then Seaguy seems to be his take on all things American (and therefore, horrific but completely oblivious at the same time).

Chubby is a parody of a sidekick, a flying Charlie the Tuna with Fred Flintstone’s face. His sole purpose seems to be to keep Seaguy complacent, in the face of a world devoid of charm or heroism, and pacified by squeaky-clean daymares like Mickey Eye (a theme park, a TV show, and a marketing opportunity. Sing it with me: “Mickey Eye, Mickey Eye, forever let us hold its ganglia high, high, HIGH!”).

Of course all is not right in a world where heroes have gotten stuck on obsessive sensation but don’t even notice when there’s a crisis to solve. Of course eating only a diet of Xoo (the sentient pink protoplasm on the cover, apparently) isn’t a great idea. Of course the walking eyeballs are barely hiding the nasty going’s on at the park.

If anything, the let down this issue is not the multitude of crazies introduced, but rather the lack of much story beyond that introduction.

2. Silly: To put it in the apparent catchphrase of the simple-minded Chubby: “Da fug?”

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