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Birds Of Prey #67

Posted: Wednesday, May 26, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Ed Benes

Publisher: DC Comics

The big finish to this arc isn't as dramatically satisfying as I hoped it would be, and this is largely due to the simple fact that it's devoid of any real moments where it looks like the Birds of Prey that have been brought together are in any danger of losing this fight. In fact this issue doesn't really contain any real moments of danger, as the only real tension filled scene in these pages is the scene where Dinah steps in to protect Cheshire from Lady Shiva, and this scene this is brought to an abrupt halt, without offering up any real moment that challenges Dinah's ability to keep these two killers away from killing each other. Most of this issue is more a showcase of how effective the various heroines are at bringing this situation under control, rather than offering up an exciting conclusion. In fact there's far too many moments when the book's sole aim seems to be to pat these characters on the back for their various talents, as Catwoman's ability to open locked doors, Katana's ability with her blades, and Oracle's ability behind the keyboard are on full display.

I also have to say that I'll bite my tongue in the future when I'm whining about Dinah not using her canary cry enough, as this issue has her cutting loose with her eardrum shattering attack, and results in one of the dullest battles the character has ever been involved in. However, I did enjoy the idea that the Birds of Prey cast has expanded to gather in a couple more female characters who have been languishing in comic book limbo. As for Ed Benes' art there's a nice sense of energy to this issue, as Dinah's canary cry makes for a powerful visual, and I loved the character's arrival scene on the credit page.

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