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Steve Rude's the Moth #2

Posted: Friday, May 28, 2004
By: Ray Tate

"Liberty and Justice For All"

Pencils: Steve Rude
Scripter/Inker: Gary Martin
Publisher: Dark Horse

I'm still not crazy about the Moth himself or this book, but the ideas of his being an innocent rube caught in a cat and mouse game played by the government lends to him a little more sympathy. He still does nothing particularly heroic, but at least I have some feeling for him.

This second issue of the series is a little better than the special and the premiere issue, but the story structure is still far too chaotic to provide a smooth read. The characterization for the most part lacks depth, and there are too many incidental characters in the book for any real meat to stick to any bones.

The artwork by Steve Rude is of course nice. It could however be better. The inks look a little smudged thanks to the paper-stock and/or printing process. Color is widespread and subdued, but overall I still think Rude's best work can be found in Space Ghost, Nexus and World's Finest. The themes in The Moth are a little too down to earth, and Rude works best when his imagination is cut loose into the cosmos or into the world of myth. I had the same problem with his aborted X-Men: Children of the Atom series.

Gary Martin surprises in this issue. When he disclosed a complex origin for the title character, he included several almost unrelated elements. One of those aspects resurfaces this issue for a genuinely unexpected ending.

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