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Runaways #15

Posted: Monday, May 31, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artists: Adrian Alphona and Craig Yeung

Publisher: Marvel Comics

I just read about this book ending with issue #18, and while I'm delighted to hear it wasn't an outright cancellation, and that Brian K. Vaughan had enough issues to give this series a proper resolution, I have to say that when the final issue of this first series does arrive I'll be disappointed that it'll be months before we see them again. Still, the one thing that the upcoming conclusion has done is given Brian K. Vaughan, and by extension the characters in this book the motivation for going after their parents, as everything looks to be coming to a head. In fact by the final page of this issue all the various characters are gathered together a single location, and with three issues to go, we have more than enough room for a big rousing finish, and based on the final page of this issue it would appear that Brian K. Vaughan has taken the kids gloves off. In addition to a genuinely shocking final page, there's also a number of intriguing cards still on the table, as one imagines we'll learn the identity of the mole within the group, and there's the impending betrayal involving members of the Pride.

However, the real reason why I'd recommend this series to new readers, is that it features some downright solid moments of interaction among its characters, as there's a great sequence in this issue where the Runaways discuss their future plans. As for the art, Adrian Alphona has emerged as a steady monthly artist, with a fine grasp on all the fundamentals of a good artist, from expressive characters, to a very powerful action sequence, when the Runaways runs up against a giant rock creature. The power of the final page is also largely due to the anguished faces of the characters.

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