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Swamp Thing #4

Posted: Tuesday, June 8, 2004
By: Shawn Hill

“Bad Seed Pt. Four”

Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Enrique Breccia

Publisher: DC/Vertigo

Tefé takes on Swampy directly, while Constantine continues to corral forces (Abby, Alec’s corpse, a Chinese mystic) for a more clandestine rebellion.

What’s Interesting:
Breccia’s excellent work is a huge selling point for this incarnation of the title. His style is exaggerated and expressive, creative but also grounded in the sense that he makes Diggles’ words and plot points crystal clear, never obscuring the action.

Tefé is as angsty as ever, but she’s more focused and grown up than before. Part of this is down to life experience, and the rest may be due to having Sargon (still testy over having been set alight in an earlier adventure with her father) as her ambiguously motivated mentor. The facial expressions Breccia teases from the wizened wizard are hilarious. Tefé herself looks young and fresh, Abby looks like herself, and Constantine and Alec are suitably seedy and macabre, respectively.

Diggle is drawing from the work of Moore, Veitch, Collins, Millar and Vaughan, all the eras of the past, to create this latest chapter in the saga. Breccia, on the macabre scale, is easily as creepy as Bissette and Totleben; the final splash page is both goofy and horrifying. Next month: when monsters clash!

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