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Puncture #6

Posted: Sunday, June 13, 2004
By: Craig Johnson

(or for long-time fans)

Writer: Russell Uttley
Artist: Ben Oliver

Publisher: Com.X

So, it's finally here. The last, forty page, issue of Puncture (Act One) and much is resolved, whilst hooks are laid for the sequel "Fierce Diamonds".

This is my second attempt at a review for this book. The first one went into detail of what went on in the issue, how it worked in relation to the previous issues, and a look at the whole storyline, but it felt somewhat redundant - this is not a good jumping-on point for new readers, and you're not hugely likely to find copies of #1 to #5 easily to catch up...whilst if you've already experienced #1 to #5 you'll be on this like a ton of bricks, going "aaahhhh, so that's what that meant".

Storywise, I'm sure Uttley will be the first to admit that Puncture hasn't been easily accessible for readers, it's not a pick up and dip into book by any means, it requires thought and analysis by the reader to get the best benefit, so read as a whole it's no light and fluffy disposable entertainment, but a book that stays with you for weeks, mulling over certain nuances in your mind. It rewards rereading. Value for money for these six issues - as a whole - is exceptional. The hopefully upcoming trade, however, is almost certainly the best way to experience this.

So, what #6 does act as, then, is a showcase for Ben Oliver's art - dark, moody, violent and kinetic, it's almost like his pitch piece for a Marvel MAX Wolverine series - plus there are some lovely full page pieces in here to break up the tempo a little, to show us his detailing in its full glory. His upcoming work on The Authority looks nice enough so far, but he does seem ideally suited to a dark, violent, restricted character set, anti-hero sort of tale - next artist on The Punisher, anyone?

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