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Cla$$war #5

Posted: Sunday, June 13, 2004
By: Craig Lemon

Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Travel Foreman

Publisher: Com.X

Another month, another issue of Cla$$war, and with the finale to act one due next month it seems Com.X are finally getting themselves back on track...which brings me to the big caveat of this issue: it's issue five of six, so it's winding up to the big showdown next time between American and his former teammates - plus a new big nasty created in issue four (the one with that notorious gut dropping scene). Said showdown doesn't happen until the last page of the issue, meaning that most of the book is spent getting all the players into position for you're expecting this from page one, then you feel a quality dip compared to #4.

I mean, #4 brought new plot elements to the table, filled in much background detail previously missing, and felt like it advanced the story a great deal; whereas #5 really just moves us from the bad guys looking for The American, to the confrontation itself (not to mention the misleading cover, surely more suited to #6?). Having said that, it still works and reads very well - it's just not as good as #4; I guess that's the problem with setting such a high benchmark for oneself, it's hard to hit it consistently.

Issue six will close the series, and as yet, there's no word on Act Two...which is maddeningly frustrating, as it would seem there's no way for Williams to close off the story in the space of one issue, especially with such a big battle looming. We've got to be looking at a good ten to fifteen pages of superhuman scrapping next time (one for the slugfest fans?), so unless Williams has pulled the wool over our eyes and The American dispatches his former colleagues in the space of five pages and we have resolution to the rest of the plot, it's going to cry out for more issues, for the second act.

Yet I can't find any indications on the net that Act Two is coming at all, let alone imminently - it's possible, of course, that Com.X will wait for the sales figures for the trade collection of Act One before committing to Act Two, although I would venture that sales would only be improved by the knowledge of the story's conclusion upcoming publication - we want the whole story, dammit!

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