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Superman #205

Posted: Friday, June 18, 2004
By: James Redington

(mostly for the art)

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artists: Jim Lee and Scott Williams

Publisher: DC Comics

How DC Describes The Issue:
Brian Azzarello, Jim Lee & Scott Williams continue to tear up the Man of Steel in "For Tomorrow," Part 2 of 12! As if the mysterious vanishings around the globe weren't enough for the Man of Steel, Superman soon finds himself standing in the middle of a conflict between two warring nations. But when Big Blue unseats a ruthless dictator, will he inadvertently cause more harm than good?

What I Thought About The Issue:
To be honest it was boring. The art by Jim Lee is beautiful, Supes has never looked so good, but the story was boring. What happened? Well Superman had a peach, crushed a stone into a diamond (which the priest threw away) and took guns from people fighting against each other and so they picked by rocks and started to throw them. Also didnít Superman say that he wouldnít go into war zones because he didnít want to seen to take sides? (yes he did in Ruckaís Adventures of Superman just a week before!) I didn't really care, itís not that I donít get it, itís just I want my Superman stories to be epic, exciting and an adventure (donít believe I am going to say this, but) Chuck Austin is doing a better job in Action than here and the art work is also amazing (itís not Jim, but itís very good) - Rucka is doing an adventure story with a mysterious villain and itís interesting. Here I, so far, really donít care.

Jim Leeís art is great, canít really find much to knock. Not sold on the slight change on the S shield but thatís about it, me being petty. Both the covers are very nice, Jim Lee is better than Turnersí but I have always liked the image of Superman flying over the Earth (Turnerís cover).

Next issue a new villain is introduced, so hereís to some action I hope. Solid issue art wise, but Superman talking and eating a peach for most of the issue Ė it just didnít do anything for me.

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