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Remains #2

Posted: Sunday, June 20, 2004
By: James Redington

Writer: Steve Niles
Artist: Kieron Dwyer

Publisher: IDW Publishing

What’s It About:
Zombies have taken over the world, in Reno a man and a woman struggled to survive with each other and the zombies that surround them.

The Review:
Another Zombie comic, damn! Quick story insert – about a year and a half now I decided to have ago at publishing my own comic, I had a few ideas and some scripts that I could finish, one of them was a Zombie story. I thought great, there are no Zombie comics around - none of any statue anyway. The 1st issue was out in November last year, but in the 5 months it took to get it out at least 3 Zombie comics were listed in Previews, Do’h! Horror comics came back in a big way and Steve Niles took the limelight with his unique brand of storytelling.

The Walking Dead by writer Robert Kirkman is excellent, go out and buy it, Zombies have taken over the world (again) and a group of Survivors must make new relationships and continue old ones in a world where death is walking all around them - I mention that comic because so far Steve Niles hadn’t done a Zombie story - Vampires, Ghosts, Ghouls, Freaks but no Zombies. Now we have ‘Remains”. The 1st issue was actually quite good, a telling of the events that led up to our characters being stuck in Reno and kicker of a last page.

This issue sees invaders try to enter Reno and our leads defending ‘their’ town. Its good, there is not much dialogue to go but pently of action and Zombies eating humans. The real turn is at the end, the Zombies talk (has he seen my script for my Zombie comic?), this is a pretty cool twist.

Niles makes a good point about surviving, “New Earth, New Rules” I like that. How would we really be in world where the shit has hit the fan? Being that we are a selfish lot this is probably it.

The art is gritty and that really adds to the whole atmosphere of the comic, it very sketchy - the rough edges help to show a rough world. I also really like the colours, they are pale and don’t distract from the gore. Kieron Dwyer does a great job considering most the comic is his panels of action and shows that he is also a good story teller and does well with the pacing of the panels. The pencils do look rushed, but this works.

All in all a solid comic which once again leaves us well set for the next issue. Like all comics at the moment if you haven’t got it already buy the trade when it comes out. It will be worth it.

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