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Seaguy #2

Posted: Monday, June 21, 2004
By: Shawn Hill

“The Wasps of Atlantis”

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Cameron Stewart

Publisher: DC/Vertigo

Yeah. Right. This book is giving me a headache. In order to aid Xoo, Seaguy and Chubby take the Bumblebee to the open ocean, where they encounter a vile ship of polluting evil. And Atlantis. And the biggest pile of Xoo you’ve ever seen.

What’s Interesting:
Cameron Stewart’s art. It’s brilliant. It’s exactly what Morrison needs to make sense of his ridiculous story, which reads like a series of iconic dream images in search of a plot. A plot that ties them together, that is, oh, there’s certainly a plot. A happens, and then B happens, and then there’s C, but what da fug is D, and waitaminute, how’d we get to Z already?

But look at the art. Seaguy in disguise is quite witty (I honestly didn’t think he was bright enough to come up with even the rudiments of such a plan). That spread of the submerged Atlantis, with sunbeams flickering through the waves behind the Olympian summit, is magisterial, breathtaking. Seaguy’s surf-god looks are charming, and seeing the heads of Easter Island happily puff away on giant smokes is unforgettable.

As is the ultimate eruption of Xoo, pure nature-avenging Godzilla-style in gooey pink foam. Great fun!

Not So Interesting:
But, oh, the “story.” The wasps (they’re mechanical), and the plight of Chubby the Choona (who’s averse to water). Climbing the steps of Atlantis even though you’re in scuba gear and underwater. Dying of thirst even though you can talk to animals and your Bumblebee can apparently spin around the globe. The complete and utter lack of any Bearded Ladies. Did I mention the glaciers covered in chocolate? Oy, my headache’s back.

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