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Birds Of Prey #68

Posted: Monday, June 21, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Gail Simone
Artists: Joe Bennett and Ruy Jose

Publisher: D.C. Comics

This is a breather issue that tend to hit in the aftermath of an extended action arc, and since Gail Simone strengths as a writer lend themselves more toward character interaction this issue stands up as one of her strongest, as the three women that make up the Birds of Prey take a moment to take stock of where they stand, and make an amusing bid to smooth over the recent tensions that have arisen. The issue also offer up a fun little sequence where we see the Huntress goes out on a date that she promised to the parking attendant in a previous arc, and while it's not nearly as much fun as I had hoped, there are enough moments that left me smiling that I was glad that the Huntress kept her promise. There's also a great little action sequence where the Black Canary gets into a sparring match with Wonder Woman, that manages to tease us with the promise that she might get back into the line-up of the JLA.

I am a little curious about this issue's treatment of the Huntress though as while I realize that the character is presented as a seductress, and that other writers have presented this idea by having the her hop into bed with the first unattached male character available, this book seemed to be admonishing the readers and the other characters about expecting this type of behaviour from the character, only to reinforce this perception of the character as we find her in bed with the date that she spent the entire issue telling to cool his jets. Now I'm not overly attached to the Huntress so I don't care all that much what is done with the character, but this issue does seem to be sending mixed messages about how it wants the readers to view the character. Still the catty behaviour among the three women when the Huntress' many partners entered the conversation did make for an entertaining sequence.

Joe Bennett is make a pretty strong case for why he should be given a monthly title, as it does seem like I can't make it through a single week this month without seeing his art on a book I collect. I also have to say that he's doing a pretty good job of shifting the look of his art so that it's a better fit to the look of the title, as while his work is a little more polished than that of Ed Benes, it does look to be a pretty close match. The action sequence between Wonder Woman and Black Canary is a nice display of kinetic energy.

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