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Cable And Deadpool #4

Posted: Thursday, June 24, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Artists: Patrick Zircher and Rob Ross & Alan Tam of UDON

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Essentially this issue is twenty-two pages of Cable doing battle with Deadpool, and while I'm a sucker for action heavy issues, even I would have been bored with the extended quality of this fight if not for one important detail, and that is Fabian Nicieza has really emerged as a very funny writer when it comes to his delivery of Deadpool's non-stop flood of pop culture references. There's also a wonderful character moment when Deadpool actually comes out and admits the reason why he peppers his speech with amusing observations. This is a very entertaining issue, that manages to play up a very really sense of urgency as Cable races the clock to get his powers back before his body is consumed by the techno-organic virus rampaging through his system, and one has to love the scene where the villain makes it clear that there is no cure. I also like the fact that this battle isn't your typical comic book slugfest as both Deadpool and Cable are blasting away at each other, and there wasn't a moment where I got the sense that they were taking it easy on each other.

This issue also does a solid job of spelling out why the villain's master plan isn't all bad, as there's a solid little moment where Deadpool points out one of the reasons why he thinks the plan sounded "nice". I have to say I also have to say I loved the final page of this issue as not only is it a great cliff-hanger moment, but it also features one of the funniest final lines I've ever seen in a comic. Laugh aloud dialogue, and a pretty exciting battle make for an issue that I can't recommend highly enough.

First off I have to congratulate Rob Liefeld for coming up with yet another poster shot of Deadpool standing in front of Cable, as his imagination seems positively unlimited, and I'll spend the next four weeks in breathless anticipation as to how much higher will Deadpool's arm be on the next cover. As for the interior art, Patrick Zircher turns in yet another fine issue as the visual comedy is well presented, as how can one not love the plight of the leader of the One World Church, and I had to smile at the shot where Deadpool's leg literally turns to jelly. The action is also quite easy to follow, though I have to say I was happier when Deadpool found his costume.

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