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Awakenings #2

Posted: Friday, July 23, 2004
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Eric Hobbs
Artists: Gabe Pena (p), Chris Driere (i)

Publisher: 8th Day Entertainment

Detective Spencer continues his story of the events leading up to his son’s murder. We see him chase the fugitive O’Connell into a club that O’Connell bombs. Spencer is helped, then hit by a woman friendly with O’Connell. Back home, Spencer’s wife thinks he’s cheating on her again. The next day, Spencer finds evidence that he may have committed the murder he’s investigating.

The story flows more easily in this issue than last. The entire issue is told in flashback by Spencer after he’s been arrested for his son’s murder. We return to the “present” only once. It’s a smooth transition. It makes it easier to follow the story than the “double flashback” of issue #1.

We also get a couple of interesting details introduced in a simple and natural fashion. The police force is owned by a private company run by the sons of Spencer’s commanding officer. So a father is working for his sons. It’s clearly not a comfortable relationship. Also, we learn about Spencer’s affair the same way we would in the real world: She walks by; he pretends not to see her. Spencer doesn’t tell his wife he’s been looking for O’Connell because “he doesn’t want her to worry”. Lame excuse. There’s another reason he’s not telling her. It’s probably one he’s hiding from himself.

We get more evidence that Spencer is leading a double life that even he doesn’t know about. There are further hints that O’Connell and his lady friend are part of a larger group/race working against another group/race. Spencer is just beginning to discover his “true self” and his role in that conflict.

Hence the title.

Once again, fantastic work from Hobbs and Pena. Very natural looking people, a relaxed style that makes the book easy to read, but still delivers tension and excitement. Last time, I compared it to Todd Nauck crossed with Adam Hughes. Now I’d say their art looks more like Richard ‘Boneyard’ Moore.

Just see it for yourself at You can order the first two issues of ‘Awakenings’ for $2.99 each. Shipping is free. And bug your retailer to order ‘Awakenings’ #3. If this book isn’t picked up by an indie publisher like SLG or Top Shelf, then Hobbs, Pena, and Dreier will become mainstream superstars. They’ve got the talent, the skills, and they’re from Indiana. And the one thing everyone in Indiana tries to do is get the hell out of that state!

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