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Legion #36

Posted: Friday, July 30, 2004
By: Shawn Hill

“For No Better Reason Part 2: Personality Conflict”

Writer: Gail Simone
Artists: Dan Jurgens and Andy Smith

Publisher: DC

The Legion rallies from the devastating electricity spike that rendered all technology useless last issue, but their foes have a few more tricks up their sleeves unfortunately.

What’s interesting:
Even though this is not full-strength Jurgens, Smith cleans up his breakdowns nicely enough to make for a convincing, and newly sleek 31st century (looking recognizably like Jurgens’ vision in the Legion/Titans mini-series). I like the newly simplified costumes and the sense of the team as experienced adults coping with their current setback.

Simone is juggling a variety of plot threads, and the strain is only showing in the somewhat forced dialogue. We’ve got the Legion Academy (where’s Comet Queen?), Karate Kid dealing with the Persuader and a rapidly falling high-altitude prison, Brainy’s mental illness, Salu’s and Wizema’s injuries, Dr. Gym'll’s bravery and Nura’s predicament. It’s enough to make one feel like the Legion is back in action again, recalling the heady Levitz era.

Less interesting:
Nura’s captors, however, are still pretty out of focus. The cod-JLA riff is lighter this issue, leaving us with no clear handle on their agenda at all. Archer comes off best, because of his clever ruthlessness in using his antiquated weaponry. Also, that Kevin Maguire cover is a classic, beautifully understated.

Still interesting:
I’m willing to give Simone more set-up time for an uneven issue, especially one as busy as this, as I feel the story is still heading somewhere interesting. The sense of their best still not being good enough (in a bad, but not hopeless situation) provides a welcome amount of tension.

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