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Superman #207

Posted: Tuesday, August 3, 2004
By: Judson Miers

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Penciler & Cover Artist: Jim Lee

Publisher: DC

Last month, I outlined some facts in this perplexing storyline. Well, we have some answers and a few more questions…

More mysterious as more facts become revealed; the intrigue is beginning to take shape.
The facts as we know it are as follows:
1) Many, many people mysteriously vanished from good ‘ol Planet Earth.
Update: There was another vanishing but not nearly as large as the first one.

2) The mechanism/device used for that vanishing is found in the country where the revolution
is taking place.
Update: Apparently this device was used by the dictator of the war-torn country Superman’s trying to save and belongs to someone else.

3) General Nox, the leader of the revolution, is just as convinced of his moral “high-ground” as Superman.
Update: Nothing’s changed, except for a little bit of wavering just a bit.

4) Equus is as ruthless as anyone I’ve seen before.
Update: Nothing’s changed, except for Equus is determined to be human and vastly upgraded for the purpose of being the “perfect predator.”

5) There will be a Round 2 between Tall, Dark, and Ugly and Blue Boy!
Update: Round 1 might not have had a winner, but Round 2 goes to Superman.

Questions left unanswered:
1) Who made/owns the “Vanisher?”
2) Who is the real “butcher(s)” in this conflict?
3) Will either Superman or the priest find solace or absolution?

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