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The Ballad Of Sleeping Beauty #2

Posted: Friday, August 6, 2004
By: Jason Cornwell

Writer: Gabriel Benson
Artist: Mike Hawthorne

Publisher: Beckett Comics

I normally avoid discussing the cost of a comic, and whether I feel one is getting value for one's money, but I have to say I was really impressed by how this miniseries has been marketed, with the first issue being part of the Free Comic Day event, and the second issue being one of the more reasonable priced comics on the stands. As for the actual comic itself, this second issue moves the story along at a nice brisk, if somewhat predictable pace, as it opens with a big action sequence where we see our hero's sidekick races in to rescue our hero from the hangman's noose. We're then introduced to the big, bad villain of the story in a scene that leaves little doubt that our hero is the hero of the story by the simple virtue that the person he's gunning for is shown to be capable of some truly evil actions.

However, while the story doesn't exactly break any new ground, I have to say I did rather enjoy the clever way that our heroes managed to drive off the posse that was dogging their heels. The issue also has a couple fun mystery elements, such as the question of why the villain didn't kill the young man who is looking for the mysterious sleeping beauty. One is also left to wonder what the young man did to get his neck in the hangman's noose, and there's the mystery of the ghost who looks to be gunning for our hero. I also have to say that I rather enjoyed the simple elegance of the writing, as dialogue gets right to the point, and one is never left with the sense that the characters are simply dishing out exposition for the benefit of us readers. The issue also benefits from a pretty exciting cliff-hanger moment, that ensures I'll be back for the next chapter.

First off I have to say that's a wonderful looking cover, as it's a simple yet undeniably powerful image that really grabs one's attention. As for the interior art I have to give the art full marks for it's delivery of the big action sequence, as the sudden arrival of our hero's rescuer and their subsequent escape is well presented. The big impact moment where the villain of the story displays his evil nature was also nicely done, as was the scene later in the issue where our hero is looking for an answer to the question of why the young man wasn't killed. I also enjoyed the final page shot of our hero, as it's a great looking display of shadow and light.

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