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Kolchak: Pain Without Tears

Posted: Friday, August 6, 2004
By: Ray Tate

Writer: C.J. Henderson
Artists: Dennis Calero
Publisher: Moonstone

Two Kolchak papers see print through Moonstone this week. Both are fine examples of the television series, and both deserve your attention.

The one-shot borrows a plot mostly remembered from Star Trek. A woman has the power to heal through touch--real touching as opposed to therapeutic touch where the kooks don't even touch you, thereby preventing arrest. C.J. Henderson however puts some spin on the plot to make the ink feel new. The John Woo styled shoot-outs for instance normally cannot be found in such a plot, and certainly the continuity of Kolchak plays a part.

Henderson portrays Carl as just about suicidal. He has seen too much, and the empath is drawn to him like a proverbial moth. Henderson keeps Carl's voice in perfect irascible, pithy pitch, and while Henderson author of Tekno's Lady Justice is not known for the characterization of the sweet and innocent. He nevertheless pulls through with a surprising rendition of those qualities in the damsel that's in less distress than you may believe.

The colors for the book are a little murky, but the artwork is very photorealistic. You can easily pick out Darren McGavin as well as Simon Oakland who makes a humorous appearance in the book.

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