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Steve Rude's the Moth #4

Posted: Saturday, August 21, 2004
By: Ray Tate

Writers: Gary Martin
Artists: Steve Rude(p), Gary Martin(i), Glen Whitmore(c)
Publisher: Dark Horse

This should have been the first issue of The Moth. The thankful excision of backstory allows the reader to fill in the blanks and lets the story move at a more assured pace.

Previously, I was confused as to exactly what the Moth was about. I knew he was a bounty hunter, but that career can take a character to polar opposites. They seemed to be suggesting that he was the good guy, but I didn't see any really good evidence of such a supposition.

This issue firmly characterizes the Moth as a hero. He saves a life in the story and acts nobly. His bounty hunting becomes balanced by a want to do good.

Steve Rude's artistic characterization for the Moth gives a stronger indication of character. The way in which the Moth behaves recalls the early attitude of Spider-Man. The lighter tone in art and story benefits the book, and the cliffhanger does its job.

Pushing all these compliments aside, will somebody please stop the scatological humor? I don't care who happens to be responsible, but this technique is a smelly signature that the Moth does not need.

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