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Looney Tunes #118

Posted: Friday, September 3, 2004
By: Ray Tate

"Duck, Dodgers"
"Birthday Blowup"
"Mars Needs Ducks"

Writer: Earl Kress
Artists: Neal Sternecky(p), Scott McCrae(i); Dave Alvarez(p), Mike DeCarlo(i); Walter Carzon(p), Ruben Torriero(i); Dave Tanguay(c)
Publisher: DC

I so wanted to like this issue of Looney Tunes. The entire issue centered on Daffy Duck's most famous persona Duck Dodgers. What could possibly go wrong?
Ultimately, all three stories make the cardinal sin of any humor book. They are simply not funny. Instead, they are silly, stupid and without any reason to exist.

The first story begins on a very promising depiction of twenty-fourth-and-a-half-century pool, but Earl Kress takes this idea to an extreme, and the joke falls flat because there's no plausibility in the idea of a) a giant pool cue and b) the cue knocking together planets as if they were billiard balls.

The second story involves birthday clowns gone bad. Okay, how is this space driven? At least the first story had Marvin the Martian in it.

The third story once again features Marvin, but he's decimated into a sad Benny Hill type sketch. The themes and characterization goes against the history of these cartoons. The Duck Dodgers cartoons were absurd not inane. Marvin the Martian was a particularly nasty cartoon villain. I mean give the villain some dignity. He first matched wits with Bugs Bunny.

Only the artwork can be recommended in this issue of Looney Tunes. The artists definitely capture the flavor of the Chuck Jones designed skits, and the illustration of the alien life forms in the last story is in particular memorable.

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