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Action Comics #818

Posted: Monday, September 6, 2004
By: James Redington

Writer: Chuck Austin
Artist: Ivan Reis

Publisher: DC

Writing – Yuck!
Art – Yeah!!

This is a shame, I thought it couldn’t get any worse after the last issue, but it has.

I really wanted Austin to do well, I wanted him to succeed on Superman and in a few areas he has… well Action Comics is full of Action – that’s a plus.

BUT he is not writing Superman, but then again on the other hand he is… on one page of the book he is writing Superman and all of a sudden it’s not Superman again.

What the hell am I going on about?

Well, near the end of the book we get the man of steel standing up against the horde of villains and they get away after he warns them – this is as close to Superman’s sprit that Austin has got and it’s good… and then at the start of the comic a guy in a red cape and blue jump suit crushes the wrists of a villain who has just shot him and tells him to stop whining. That guy is not Superman, even if he looks like him.

Austin don’t write Superman like this, you were good on Metropolis (even your JLA Superman tale is not bad), don’t make him Spider-man with Superman’s powers – don’t make him a grown up Superboy – Hell, you could write one hell of good Superboy comic, but this is Superman.

The comic is one big fight and apart from the mischaracterizations it’s pretty ok. It’s a quick read though, over in less than 5 minutes if you take the time to admire the wonderful art. Ivan Reis is the find of the year from me, lets have him drawing a decent Superman story though – which I know Austin is capable of (he has done one in the past).

DC, how can you allow a character like Superman to be portrayed like this, Austin ideas are good and the ACTION is great – but Superman does not talk like this


So this gets 2 for the art, and one-half for the action and this speech:

“So. You all think you can make a rep for yourselves by taking me out in my weaken condition? Maybe. I’m wounded and tied, and not in full control of myself. But the need to protect innocent lives coupled with my weakness has now become your problem”

Now that’s a confident Superman, more like this please.

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