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Daredevil #64 [Shawn H]

Posted: Thursday, September 16, 2004
By: Shawn Hill

“The Widow, part 4 of 4”

Writer: Bendis
Artist: Maleev

Publisher: Marvel Knights

The tables are turned as Natasha and Nick Fury, clearer on who they’re up against, tighten the noose around their foes. Meanwhile, Matt copes with police indifference as his home is invaded.

Somewhat interesting:
I guess the “in your face” pose of the cover is forgivable, as Bendis does actually use ‘Tasha’s sexual appeal as a plot point within the story. And face it, boys and girls, she’s got it in spades. This is a rare case of the cover actually tying into the story, even on the level of Matt having the Widow on the brain.

More interesting:
While the Widow was cool last issue taking a bullet to get her man, she was also strangely distant and evasive with Matt. This issue they’re a formidable team, and her language problems disappear as awkward English is replaced by mocking French. I like Bendis’ vision here of the Widow as a femme who’s very fatale, but only to those idiotic enough to disturb her web. She’s especially amusing as the police finally do arrive, luckily not tripping over the strands as they bashfully come to the aid of the poor confused coquette.

And if you think her guileless hottie act is good, wait till you witness her peerless fuck you to the assassin they’ve been tangling with in this story, or her efficient (and entirely above-board, Cap-approved) dispatch of the mastermind behind it all, the former (and now very corrupt, you know Bendis) Red Guardian 1. He seems to have aged into a good approximation of German actor Bruno Ganz by the way (but then Nick Fury is played by Roy Scheider this month, too, so go figure). There’s a bit of an Elektra: Assassin feel to art this month, actually, which I guess is good timing considering Sienkewiecz is back in DD’s world, or soon will be.

Also interesting: Oh, yeah, Matt tries to patch it up with Milla, and Madame Hydra gets released. There’s a lot going on for one issue, but most of it involves Matt mopping up after the duplicity of his own double-identity. If only he were honest about all his lies and deceptions like ‘Tasha, right? We know, Bendis, we know.

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