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Adventures of Superman #632

Posted: Tuesday, September 21, 2004
By: James Redington

Writer: Greg Rucka
Pencils: Paul Pelletier
Inks: Rick Magyar

Publisher: DC Comics

“Time Elapsed”

Who Shot Lois Lane?

That’s what the cover asks.

The answer we have is Greg Rucka. What happens in this issue is not necessarily what you would expect, Superman doesn’t go off and find the gunman, he speeds Lois to the nearest medical centre and stays with her. The Justice League turn up and they take Lois to Doctor Midnight (nice cameo) where he operates further to save her life. While Superman is away, Ruin takes the opportunity to attack Metropolis SCU and to follow up on his plan to destroy Superman.

This is good, really good in fact. I dropped his Wonder Woman because I felt not enough happened. I was worried the same was happening here, but I was wrong. Rucka is, without the doubt, the best writer on the Superman titles at the moment. And this is probably the best of the Superman titles, including Superman/Batman.

Matthew Clark is missing this month, a shame - but not a big one as the pencils by Paul Pelletier more than make up for it. His Superman is built as he should be, but manages to stay human and realistic. His Daily Planet staff are a joy to look at, and the final page of Superman by Lois’ bedside is wonderful – and no matter how many times we have seen this image of Supes by Lois’ death bed this breathes new life into it.

Also hats off to the colouring and inks, they blend into the pages without distracting from the action or making a statement that separates from the narrative. The cover is beautiful, apart from the lack of background it works wonderfully, but it does lose points because Lois was not actually shot in the stomach – either way, great look on the man of steel’s face as he holds his wife in his arms. Gene Ha is a great artist and I wouldn’t mind seeing some of his Superman cover made into posters.

So this month we have emotions running high, the plot progressing at an interesting pace, a very good guest artist and we actually get to see some of the Daily Planet staff– thank you for including them Mr. Rucka!

PS. On a separate note it is a shame there is so much wasted paper on advertising in the middle of the story – can’t you keep it to the end and beginning of each book, I know its needed so keep costs and prices down, but it really distracts.

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