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Ultimate Nightmare #2

Posted: Saturday, September 25, 2004
By: Robert Taylor

Written By Warren Ellis
Art By Trevor Hairsine
Published By Marvel Comics

I'm really pissed about this book on several levels. Firstly how it was marketed as one miniseries until the first issue was published, only THEN did we learn it was the first miniseries in a trilogy (sharp readers will remember my complaints about the slow pacing). That is completely unfair to readers. Secondly, thus far it is much ado about nothing. The characters talk, talk some more, and keep blabbing before the promise of some big reveal at the end which will probably be held off because the characters will make small talk next issue all issue. Then there is Trevor Hairsine, one of Marvel's Young Guns. After Quesada made such a point of noting how Steve McNiven's art is original in style, I feel a bit cheated that he also chose such a blatant rip-off of Bryan Hitch. Same crazy amounts of detail, the characters look just like Hitch's characters, the panel layouts are in his style. Let's face it; if you picked this up and didn't know who was drawing it, you would probably say Bryan Hitch as well. It's such a shame because Hairsine has an amazing amount of talent and I hate to see it wasted by mirroring another artist's so closely. He needs to develop his own individual style, because THAT would be something special. I will say the inking and coloring is great, however. All in all, Ultimate Nightmare is a complete letdown thus far without much hope for a miracle.

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