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Superman/Batman #12

Posted: Monday, October 4, 2004
By: James Redington

Three months later...

Was it worth the wait?


Yes it was and yes it wasn't.

If you don't know, I have a thing for Superman - every since I was two he has been my favourite hero.

This is a good comic; it has been since the 1st issue - was it worth waiting three months to read the story? Yes. Can I stand to wait another three till the next issue? No.

Well, that is my rant - I will now get on with the review, sorry to sidetrack.

The issue starts, surprising enough, where the last ended - Superman is in the grips of "cousin" Kara, a monster dragon type has eaten Batman whole, and Wonder Woman is facing off against the Furies who have Barda with a knife to her throat. Remember?

Michael Turner proves he is one of the best artists around; I love his Superman and Batman - his Batman being my favourite. Kara looks great in her Supergirl costume at the end, and Wonder Woman has never looked as good in costume as she does when drawn by Turner.

Jeph Loeb is good as ever; he is by far by favourite Superman writer at the moment - although Greg Rucka is doing some great work in Adventures at the moment (check it out, it is Superman the way he should be done).

I can't wait till next issue, the cliffhanger is sweet - I think Loeb has been taking a leaf out (his?) the Smallville season finales and leaving us on baited breath. The last page bugs me a bit, art wise - Superman has tears in his eyes, I thought that was a bit silly. You need to see it to understand, I don't think his reaction would be to cry...

Anyway, good solid comic - good work from the creative team, poor show though for the issue being so late. Why was it so late DC?

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