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The Amazing Screw-On-Head

Posted: Friday, October 8, 2004
By: Ray Tate

Writer/Artist: Mike Mignola, Dave Stewart(c)
Publisher: Dark Horse

If you have ever wondered what Mike Mignola's work would be like if his tongue was completely lodged in his cheek, I recommend you read The Amazing Screw-On-Head.  Mignola essentially spoofs his own work.  He takes the basic premises of Hellboy's adventures and then skyrockets them into an over the top masterpiece.

Instead of Hellboy a powerful and mostly serious occult investigator, we have The Amazing Screw-On Head whose name pretty much explains everything.  An agent for President Lincoln--who also turns up in Mignola's more serious B.P.R.D.--Screw-On-Head a troubleshooter whose milieu is similar to that of Hellboy has gone above and beyond his personal disability--namely being without a body. 

Screw-On-Head's odd plastic/rubber/whatever head bounces onto new artificial bodies to stop the evil Doctor Zombie, who is the opposite of Mignola's chilling Rasputin, a kooky academic cohort and a female vampire who stands around and looks ominous.

Everything about the book is whacked.  Whereas Mignola imbues much of Hellboy with the substance of H.P. Lovecraft and folklore, here he makes everything apart from a namecheck of Atlantis and Mu up from scratch and frees himself from any restraints that threaten to manage the sensibility of the exercise.

Amazing Screw-On-Head is laugh out loud funny, and I'm sorry I missed it the first time.  The method of travel while based upon cinematic history is brain-damaged, and the entirety of the adventure is utterly without purpose and turnip-shaped.

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