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Bart Simpson Comic #20

Posted: Saturday, October 30, 2004
By: Ray Tate

"The Great Springfield Doughnut War"
"Movie Mayhem"

Writer: Scott Shaw; James Bates
Artists:Scott Shaw(p),Mike Rote(i),Art Villanueva(c);Luis Escobar(p), Rote(i), Nathan Hamill(c)
Publisher: Bongo

"The Great Springfield Doughnut War" is actually a tale set in the youth of Homer J. Simpson. It's not really funny or even necessary. It does however feature some good characterization and some fun designs for the parents of their more familiar kids living in Springfield.

I'm not exactly sure what audience Bart Simpson Comics is trying to lure. I didn't expect to see puzzles between the two stories, but they are there, and they are real not gag faux puzzles. Not exactly brain teasers either.

The third story is again not very funny. It is however clever in the way Bart puts together a low, low, low budget zombie film.

The artwork is consistently impressive. Given the short's subject, Bates uses some interesting angles and expression to depict the cast. Rote's inks add even more precision to the art than those in the previous story, and Hammill's color sense actually matches Villanueva's, which given his experience with the Bongo books is quite a feat.

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