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Superman #210

Posted: Tuesday, November 2, 2004
By: James Redington

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artists: Jim Lee (p) Scott Williams (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Another issue passes us by and I wonder why... this was actually one of the better issues from this series. We get a sense of where we are heading and why Superman, erm Clark,,, erm Kal-El (read issue to understand) is heading. The man of steel may have actually lost the plot it seems - just as us, the audience, are getting it. I hate to agree with the internet talk, but it is very evident that Azzarello does not like Superman and he maybe, doesn't even like writing this story. I have to say though that I am still interested and I do still hope for something to happen.

With Jim Lee it's another matter, he continues to impress and it was great seeing his Superman and Batman together again - unfortunately it seems that Azzarello is undoing Loeb's work by having Supes tell Bats he doesn't actually like him - saying that the scene does have major significance to the story and where Kal-El is heading. Jim Lee does all the right things in this issue and has brought his game back up to par after a couple of under par issues - enough with the golf, I have no idea what I am talking about anyway. The only real disappointment is that the cover, AGAIN, doesn't actually appear to happen in the comic (see last month's cover was exactly the same - it didn't happen inside).

I may have mentioned it before but this whole story will probably work and play out much better when it is collected in trade. This may be the better selling title of the new teams, but I am not sure it is my favourite - it would probably be Rucka's Adventures, in fact it is as Superman doesn't really appear in Action too much (although Austin is piling in the Action and exciting stories, he just doesn't get Superman character right). If you haven't been following from the start wait till the trade - and stay Super! (sorry)

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