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Looney Tunes #120

Posted: Friday, November 5, 2004
By: Ray Tate

"Pledge Broke"

Writer: Sholly Fisch
Artists: Dave Alvarez(p); Mike DeCarlo(i), Dave Tanguay(c)

"Image is Everything"

Writer: Chuck Kim
Artists: Dave Alvarez(p); Mike DeCarlo(i), Digital Chameleon(c)

"Lights, Camera, Traction"

Writer: Terry Collins
Artists:Brian Garvey(p); Mike DeCarlo(i), Dave Tanguay(c)
Publisher: DC

Here's where the page count in a Johnny DC book should have been postponed. Sholly Fisch comes up with a brilliant idea of having a twenty-two page telethon in which he and the art team of Alvarez, DeCarlo and Tanguay contribute a one page gag starring practically the entire cast of Looney Tunes.

The variety of humor astounds. Fisch's central conceit of the telethon makes use of the show business rivalry between Bugs and Daffy. Wile E. Coyote once again gets a metaphysical comeuppance. Foghorn Leghorn tries to teach Egghead to draw in a series of one-page lessons that differ at times drastically but provide equal laughs. Literal mindedness becomes a joke in Porky Pig's and Daffy Duck's cartoon. Rocko and Muggsy pull off a very special bank heist. The continuity of Pepe LePew amuses. The two Mad Scientists that attempted to perform an impromptu brainectomy on Bugs finally meet. For once, Sylvester isn't after Tweety, and he gets some just desserts in annoying the bird. Witch Hazel is on hand for some hilarious hocus-pocus. Fisch explains the crop circles in a Marvin Martian frame of mind. A play on words means trouble for Yosemite Sam. The Goofy Gophers find a pun has gone too far, Tasmanian Devil for President! I really, really wish Taz was President.

Now, the additional stories aren't bad. They're quite good in fact. They just put a damper on what Sholly Fisch and company were going to accomplish. A single comic book filled with one page gags in a parody of a telethon that reaches its goal in a predictable Looney Tunes fashion and ends. The book however goes on.

Chuck Kim updates Bugs' panache for disguise with a hilarious satire about Hollywood PR. Dave Alvarez brings a gamut of cartoony characters to this indictment of pop culture, and it's often his artwork that helps bring the punchline of the mini-jokes home. For example, The Scream gag wouldn't be quite so funny without Alvarez's portrayal of an indifferent killer who has found his love and an indignant actress/victim.

In "Lights, Action, Traction" Taz whirls onto the stage again for a gut-busting tear up on the Ape Man subgenre of action cinema. Terry Collins provides winning scenes for Brian Garvey who spruces up the story with a supremely confused Taz, a Kirk Douglas caricature of a Jungle Man, and a Dick Dastardly inspired Director.

This is a pretty impressive bag of jokes in a thick format that doesn't even carry a lot of advertising. Looney Tunes is definitely worth the extra quarters.

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