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PDR Talks: Quantum: Rock of Ages Act 1

Posted: Tuesday, November 16, 2004
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Publisher: Dreamchilde Press
Price: $14.99
Writer: Philip Clark
Artist: Ozzy Longoria / James Rodriguez

Comments: Wow! Quantum: Rock of Ages is now completed in graphic comic book novel form! Since I did overview the first four issues which has been compiled into this comic book novel, I will let you know the extras that you get if you purchase this exciting book! First off, let me give you their intro to what this book is all about: "Nick Vargas had all but given up on his life. That is, until he awoke one day to find an ancient and powerful artifact - the Quantum Silica - had bonded to him, giving him the power of teleportation. Unleashed by Frederich Stotz, a scientist from a parallel dimension, the newly fragmented Quantum has not only empowered he and Nick, but also five other cross-time counterparts whom the two men must locate in order to repair the relic and save the cosmos. Quantum: Rock of Ages Act 1 collects the first four issues of Philip Clark's mind-bending tale of alternate realities. Act 1 features untouched stories, a four-page bonus scene, character bios, self-publishing tips, and sketches from comicdom's hottest talent including David Mack, Jim Calafiore, Mark Texiera, Andy McDonald, Jamal Igle, Andy Lee, Sean Wang and others!"

Okay, now I mentioned I would tell you about the cool extra stuff! There is plenty of reading in this book and the sci-fi story will grasp you and won't let you go! The artwork is mind-boggling and done with brilliance! You get a foreword from Walter Simonson in which he discusses his love of the concept of parallel universes and the Multiverse in whole! Philip Clark and James Rodriguez lay out some kudos in their 'acknowledgments' section. From there you go right into the comic book story. Imagine a parallel Earth in which the Nazis won World War II and Hitler had a son that is heir to the Fuhrer's legacy. Scary thought huh? Well, it's all here, you don't have to imagine anymore, it's laid out for you in this incredible story. Dark science has thrived in a world gone mad. The story is in tune with great sci fi shows like Sliders and Quantum Leap. Nick Vargas the hero of the story is a real funny guy. He is the owner of Tastee-Tunes and he gets very frustrated when customers are asking for relics from the 80s and he loses his temper a bit and comes off with some comical stuff on Duran Duran posters and the New Kids on the bleeping Block! After a good laugh, you will be driven to some hard edged sci fi drama as they come face-to-face with some futuristic Nazis. Nick even teams up with some people from alternate universes. The Multiverse is in the balance, so they have some major tasks ahead for them. There are some funny references made throughout the whole story, like the mentioning of Dr. Who. You'll have to read the story to understand some of the funny situations they come across. Funny situations, that can lead them into some dangerous situations too!

This book has a fantastic reference guide, a regular Who's Who on the characters of the story. You'll learn more about Nick Vargas, Frederich Stoltz, Billy Capra, the very sensual Skyler Hope. An added dessert is the pin-ups and sketches from various professional artists. Then another great add-on is the creator bios, get the scoop, it's all here, see how they started off and where they have been and may be going. The creator bios feature information and pictures on Philip Clark - Writer/Publisher, James Rodriguez - Artist, the lovely Supriya Kalay - inker and the lovely Jennifer Kwon - grayscale colorist. Then if you want to publish your own comic book, you must read the article "Writing for Comics - The Passion and the Perils" by Philip Clark! Then you get one more article called "My Two Cents" by James Rodriguez, in which he discusses the love of the comic book medium. You want some thrills, then I highly suggest you pick up Quantum: Rock of Ages Act 1, you can't get any better than this!

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