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Powerpuff Girls #56

Posted: Saturday, November 20, 2004
By: Ray Tate

"Beast of a Feast"
"Tardy Boys"
"Big Wheelz Keep on Turning"

Writers: Various
Artists: Various
Publisher: DC

In "Beast of a Feast" Frank Strom prepares a delectable Powerpuff confection which makes use of a rare ingredient to Mojo Jojo's personality. Sometimes he's just plain lazy.

Fitting in with the theme of the Gangrene Boys stealing the Mayor's hotline to the Powerpuff Girls, Strom's story really cooks with the funny. This tale is a massive joke with gag filling, and Strom also perfectly spices the characterization with tasty dialogue that distinguishes the Powerpuffs.

Christopher Cook's pencils make this meal of mayhem go down easy. In the Craig McCracken Style he keeps all the recipe animated, and his Mojo Jojo is in particular a savory sight.

Cook also does an amazing job on "The Tardy Boys," but William Messner-Loebs' story I'm sorry to say depends upon too much uncharacteristic action from the Girls. Bubbles never would destroy flowers and grass with her laser vision. She would be even hard pressed to do so even if those flowers had mutated to attack the City of Townsville. Blossom certainly wouldn't freeze a lake and thereby kill all the fish. The tale is almost saved by a laugh out loud funny squirrel attack, but the damage the Girls do to the environment just doesn't fit.

Robbie Busch's story "Big Wheelz Keep On Turnin'" plays by the rules and generates some laughs as the Girls race against Him. Cook, DeCarlo and the studio Heroic Age speedily roll out an impressive visual narrative.

As with all of the Johnny DC books, Powerpuff Girls finishes off the issue with two reprints. The first is the genuinely creepy "Powerful Pretty" from Chuck Kim and Christopher Cook. The tale powders its super-hero action with a theme that explores the dangers of conformity. Then the Gangrene Gang strike again in Abby Denson's tale of vandalism naturally called "The Five Green Vandals." What makes this short stand out is Buttercup's violent insistence that she does not like Ace.

It's a close call between three and four bullets, but "The Tardy Boys" is the real sinker for me, and while amusing "Big Wheelz Keep on Turnin'" is just a little too short. "Beast of a Feast" is perfect, and I already read the reprints too recently.

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