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She-Hulk #10

Posted: Saturday, December 11, 2004
By: Ray Tate


Writer: Dan Slott
Artists: Paul Pelletier(p),Rick Magyar(i),Avalon Studio's Dave Kemp(c)
Publisher: Marvel

Slott takes a page from Joss Whedon by breaking up the funny and action-packed normalcy of She-Hulk for a comparatively thoughtful exercise focused on Titania. The loser villain gets some respect this issue, and though it's dangerous to hazard a guess as to what Slott's thinking, I'd wager that he's setting up Titania's redemption.

Slott creates a sympathetic portrait of Titania as a previous guest-star recounts her origin. Slott once again relies upon continuity, but those not savvy to the Marvel Universe will not feel lost, for he entwines that continuity to important plot points and surprising characterization.

I'll spoil just two things in the issue. Slott brings into Titania's history Marvel's third spider woman. The first was the golden age Spider Queen (technically a Marvel character). The second was of course Jessica Drew, and the third I always considered the lesser of the three. Slott's dialogue and the personality he gives to the heroine makes me appreciate this psi-webbed wall-crawler much more. Paul Pelletier's respect for her anatomy gives me the opportunity to consider that an opportunity was sorely missed.

The second spoiler involves a welcome guest appearance by Victor von Doom. Again, Slott treats Doom like his old self. However evil his ends may have been, I can't help but think that Doom's intentions were honorable. The way Slott parallels Doom's history with that of Titania intrigues and makes his involvement plausible.

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