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Superman #211

Posted: Monday, December 27, 2004
By: Judson Miers

"For Tomorrow (Part 7)"

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artist: Jim Lee

Publisher: DC Comics

I hate to admit it, but apparently, I was caught up by the hype of the “end-of-the-comic” advertising for the next issue during last issue’s review. The mysterious sphere that caused “The Vanishings” is still intact and has been deciphered by our Man of Steel. At the conclusion of last issue, Supes took Father Leone to his Fortress of Solitude for a heart-to-heart, as Wonder Woman prepared for battle.

For reasons as of yet unknown, the foreboding witch Serise and Wonder Woman don’t want Superman to understand the mysteries of the sphere. After the fight with the Elemental Giants ended in a dismal failure, Wonder Woman and Orr are found at Sirise lair. As Supes and Father are talking, Wonder Woman arrives and breaks into the Fortress triggering Supes’ anger. He even goes so far as to burn a line in front of Wonder Woman as a symbol of where not to cross. See, he has improved on the design and modified the sphere so that its effects can be focused to a single person, himself. Wonder Woman believes that it is suicide to go “through” the sphere and is willing to kill him for it. (Now that’s circular logic the likes of which we haven’t seen since Venom wanted to kill Spiderman because he wasn’t innocent even though he saved “innocents.”)

To make matters worse, Wonder Woman started a self-destruct sequence that will destroy Supes’ Fortress. During the all-out-battle, Supes and Wonder Woman smack each other around a bit before Supes pulls the trump card... If she doesn’t stop fighting him, Father Leone and Orr will be killed in the explosion resulting in the self-destruct sequence.

Besides Jim Lee’s always amazing artwork, Superman is made more human possessing a cool aloofness and a shy vulnerable side that is shown only to Father Leone. It seems that Superman has finally found both a confessor and his “faith.” Let’s see how far both of those take him when he gets to where ever he’s sent himself.

Hey DC, keep up the good work!!!

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