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What If General Ross Had Become The Hulk?

Posted: Monday, January 3, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Peter David
Artists: Pat Olliffe (p), Sal Buscema (i) Gary Frank & Morry Hollowell (cover)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Letís just say Ross wouldnít be Hulk for long.

Peter David, THE Hulk writer, teams up with the legendary Sal Buscema to tell the story of what might have happened if General Thaddeus ďThunderboltĒ Ross had become the Hulk. Short version: Thereís a bigger body count, scenes reminiscent of The Hulk movie (which RULED chickenfuckers!), and a chilling ending.

This story is narrated by The Watcher, just like the original What If? comics. The old-school touch continues as many scenes from the Silver Age Hulk #1, including chapter titles, are re-interpreted here. David posits that Ross would retain his intellect and personality if he was a Hulk, but heíd lack the ability to talk. Ross begins to think of himself as a would-be conqueror. Bruce Banner puts an end to that.

Maybe youíve figured out how it ends already. I donít want to spoil it. I will say that itís been long established the Hulk was always a part of Banner that he repressed. There was always something monstrous inside Banner. Here, we only see a little bit of it. And that small glimpse is scarier than the full-blown monster.

Olliffe and Buscema deliver another great Silver Age tribute. (See What if Dr. Doom had become The Thing? for another.) David, of course, gets the characters dead right. This isnít a story about a monster. Itís about people as monsters.

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