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Supreme Power #14

Posted: Wednesday, January 5, 2005
By: Jason Cornwell

"Objects in Motion"

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Artists: Gary Frank (p), Jon Sibal (i)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

As Hyperion slams into the super-powered serial killer, we soon discover that this killer is not a shrinking violet, as he's able to take the punishment Hyperion is dishing out, and answer in kind. What's more this killer is quite willing to kill innocent bystanders, and Hyperion has good reason to be horrified when the battle strays into a more populous locale. While the killer is taken down using team work, in the end the battle has left countless dead, and a decidedly angry Hyperion who wants to know where this killer got his powers.

A pretty intense display as our heroes work together to take down a super-powered individual who has shown a willingness to kill innocent bystanders with little to no motivation for doing so beyond the fact that no one can stop him from doing it. This in turn result in a wonderfully unsettling scene where we see Hyperion is faced with a rain of bodies, and he's simply not able to save them all. There's also a couple ever so impressive displays of power, from the opening attack that has Hyperion and the killer slamming into the ground, to the scene where the killer is tossing cars through the air like they weigh nothing. The issue also does some nice work on it's opening scene as we see General Alexander spells out the huge problems that have been unleashed on the world, and if this scene does nothing it makes it pretty clear that there are going to be more super-powered individuals coming down the pipeline. However, while this issue offers up the most exciting battle that we've received thus far in these pages, and it's nice to see J. Michael Straczynski is making full use of his ability to deliver uncensored battles, the simple fact of the matter is the killer is defeated in a manner that I found to be rather unimaginative. I mean there are times when I think all writers are handed a book of handy plot devices that they can make use of, and that when a hero is battling a seemingly unstoppable villain & one is running out of pages to wrap up the fight, the trick of cutting off the villain's air supply is a handy way of bringing the battle to a quick finish. I mean just last week Judd Winick used this exact same trick to have Green Arrow take down the seemingly unstoppable Brick.

Gary Frank turns is a very impressive show as this issue is pretty much a big brawl between Hyperion and the serial killer, and how can one not be impressed by the big impact moments that this chapter offers up, from the sheer spectacle of the opening shot where Hyperion slams down on the killer, to the horror of the scene where Hyperion discovers there are people inside the cars that the killer is throwing at him. There's also a great aftermath shot as Hyperion looks down at the remains of the battlefield to see the bodies that litter the ground below. In fact there are some images in this issue that I found to be a little too extreme, such as the panel where the killer has an entire family skewered on a metal rod. In the end though the art did exactly what it needed to, and that was to sell the idea that this killer needed to be taken down by any means necessary, and the art did such an effective job of it that I was must confess I was a little disappointed when the Blur decided the killer couldn't be left the way he was.

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