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Deep Fried #1 (Volume 2)

Posted: Monday, January 10, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

W/A: Jason Yungbluth

Publisher: Death Ray Graphics ( )

I really think I could go to hell for supporting this comic.

Deep Fried tells the adventures of Beepo, a self-loathing clown, Roadkill, his evil cat, and Squints, a clueless stoner clown. In this issue's wacky adventure, the trio head north to Communist Canada to trade MP3’s for pot. They’re soon caught up in international politics when one of them is revealed to be a CIA agent.

Also in this issue: “Ghastly Cash,” a disturbing combination of Richie Rich and Casper the Friendly Ghost, and monsters under the bed of a molested child.

Yungbluth uses popular culture to communicate to the reader more effectively than traditional caricature. On the surface, this story seems to be a parody of Cold War movies. A deeper reading reveals it to be a criticism of America’s actions in the Middle East. In Deep Fried, the Anointed States of Unmerica is helping French-Muslim terrorists in their fight against the Canadian government. The A.S.U. is already building a public case for war with Canada. Of course, it’s all a ruse. When things go wrong, the A.S.U. can join Canada against the terrorists. Why fight at all? To get the breweries, man! Unmerica loves cheap beer!

The humor and political satire are enough to buy the book. Fortunately, Yungbluth is a talented cartoonist. I would say he’s the equal of half the comic strip artists working today. He’s superior to the other half. Yungbluth’s characters are lively and expressive. Crosshatching and shading lend the work a sense of weight and depth often lacking in daily strips. His art is so detailed, repeated readings yield new discoveries. However, the art never distracts from the story. Deep Fried is the work of a true professional; a man who’s mastered his craft.

Deep Fried is sick, twisted, cynical, and convinces you the world is run by madmen. The only hope it offers is a clown who takes a “Fuck it” attitude and an evil cat that kills anyone who gets in his way. If the world’s coming to an end, why not laugh?

You can buy this issue now at the website. Issue two is listed in the current Previews catalog.

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