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Barbarossa & the Lost Corsairs #1

Posted: Monday, January 17, 2005
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Publisher: Kandora Publishing
Price: $3.50
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First off, the artwork is amazing. Some of the characters look like they are direct images from photographs, because the drawings are so well done. The coloring is incredible too. Imagine a woman sooo beautiful that 118 poets have sang about her beauty. That men would risk death to be in her arms for one night. That men have crossed the Mediterranean to be with her. This is one siren that makes the real "Girl from Ipanema" look like a plain jane.

There is a Turkish pirate that wants her and will risk everything to have her. The lady's name is Lady Julia and she is being held captive at her father's castle estate. One of her captors tries to have his way with her and it leads to a Errol Flynn swordfight in which he loses his life. When she is ready to put down the sword, she sees the suave Muslim pirate named Hizar aka Barbarossa. They plan to escape, she no longer wants to be held prisoner and I believe she seeks adventure and romance with this roguish good-looking pirate.

During their escape, there are archers with dangerous weapons at the end of their arrows, there are explosions and there is even a guy named Lucius that is asked for assistance during this battle with his magic, that he refers to as science. When you think you saw everything, there is a pounding storm that hinders the Barbary Raiders escape with their fair maiden, then in the brewing storm is an incredible vortex. A vortex that takes them to a mystical fantasy land with 2 gorgeous islands and ships that actually fly in the air. An incredible bridge that brings both islands together can also be seen. A haunting image that will make you salivate for the next issue! Barbarossa & the Lost Corsairs is adventure on the high seas that will have you applauding for more!

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