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Flaming Carrot #1

Posted: Friday, January 21, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer/Artist: Bob Burden

Publisher: Image Comics

The Flaming Carrot, America’s greatest blue-collar surrealist superhero returns in an all-new series! When the Carrot kills the criminal mastermind Garbage Mouth in battle, the press turns against him. He tries to be more “politically correct” when dealing with a tribe of pygmies living in a giant ear made out of French bread. A TV reporter flirts with him to catch our hero in a compromising position. But the raw vegetable magnetism of Flaming Carrot soon compromises HER position! All this, plus Spongeboy, a singing zombie, and very stupid cops.

The Flaming Carrot has enjoyed cult status and critical acclaim for 20 years. His popularity can be attributed to creator Bob Burden’s talent for crafting truly strange and original stories. The Carrot is probably the world’s only retarded superhero. He has what Burden calls “Zen stupidity”; Carrot’s clearly an idiot, but ends up making sense. His first response to any problem is usually unrestrained violence. When he restrains himself, his muddied logic leads him to bizarre conclusions. Luckily, he inhabits a world almost as weird as himself.

Burden’s art hasn’t changed much since the last Flaming Carrot comic was published. Then again, it doesn’t need to. Burden has perfected a deliberately primitive look that matches the raw emotions of the story. It is unrefined art for an unrefined hero; highly stylized ugliness.

If you’ve never read an issue of Flaming Carrot, then this is as good a time as any to start. This issue, (first of a new series, 33rd in the Flaming Carrot cannon), presents the hilarity, violence, sudden surprises, and outright weirdness that have made Flaming Carrot a modern classic.

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