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She-Hulk #11

Posted: Friday, January 28, 2005
By: Jason Cornwell

"Imbalance Power"

Writer: Dan Slott
Pencils: Paul Pelletier
Inks: Rick Magyar
Colors: Avalon Studios' Dave Kemp
Letters: VC's Dave Sharpe
Publisher: Marvel Comics
$2.99 U.S. / $4.25 CAN

As She-Hulk gets a visit from Doc Samson who want to discuss the recent tragedies that have impacted Jennifer's life, we see that recent events have made her cling to the happier elements of her life, while trying her best to ignore the less than pleasant developments. However, as Titania decides to target She-Hulk with her vastly increased power levels, we see She-Hulk's entire life may become one big unhappy mess.

I might not like what Brian Michael Bendis, Chuck Austen and Geoff Johns did with She-Hulk, I do admire that Dan Slott is willing to make the effort to address their contributions, and for the most part he manages to do an effective job of it. Now one does have to give Geoff Johns some credit as he did introduce the idea that Jack of Hearts' radiation was having a negative impact on She-Hulk mental state, as this serves as a catchall explanation for her out-of-character behaviour, and Dan Slott is smart enough to latch onto the bone that was tossed out as he works to incorporate the mindless rampages and bed hopping into these pages. I also enjoyed the fact that he used these elements as an excuse to bring Doc Samson into these pages, as not only am I a fan of the character, but I look upon Doc Samson as a handy plot device that allows the writers to get inside the heads of the characters, and it's about time someone besides Peter David figured this out. In addition to his efforts at working in the outside elements, Dan Slott also manages to come up with a pretty exciting plot that involves Titania who has had her power levels vastly increased by an infinity gem, and this results in a powerful climax where She-Hulk's happy new life is ripped apart by the seemingly unbeatable Titania. Also while there's not much humour to be found in this month's issue, I did smile at the scene where Titania realizes that the Champion could take the gem back, and the Juggernaut exchange was amusingly handled.

Paul Pelletier continues to turn in some of the best work I've ever seen from him, and I for one have my fingers crossed that he's on board when this title is relauched. I mean to start off one only has to look at the visual striking action that's offered up in the final pages, as we see She-Hulk is clearly out of her league, and the panel where she's blasted through the street is a wonderful display of raw power. Plus the final page image is about as good a cliff-hanger moment as one could hope for. However, the art also deserves full marks for it's work on the moments of character interaction as how can one not love the panel where Awesome Andy is passing the time with Southpaw, or the impact of the scene where Mal is brought out of the building. I do have a bit of a problem with the cover to this issue though as Titania's expression is far too low key, considering she's just clobbered her hated enemy.

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