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Army of Darkness - Shop Till You Drop Dead #1

Posted: Thursday, February 3, 2005
By: Paul Dale Roberts

Publisher: DDP - Dynamite Entertainment
Price: $2.99
Written by: James Kuhoric
Pencils: Nick Bradshaw Colors: Etienne St. Laurent

Comments: The whole story about the Army of Darkness, originates from Necronomicon Ex Mortis (the Book of the Dead) and I hope that in a future Army of Darkness comic book, maybe it will be discussed on the origins of the book, who wrote it, the purpose of the book and where it came from. There can be a full story on the Book itself. Also, it would be fun to know who had the book in his or her possession at one time. Perhaps evil icons like the Marquis de Sade and Hitler once owned this book, or perhaps a mystical icon like Nostradamus once studied it. There are many ancient secrets to this Book and I want to know more about it. I love the briefing on where this story has been, like the mention that Ash had a trip to Egypt to fight Dildo-Ho-Tep.

Army of Darkness - Shop Till You Drop Dead #1 was filled with comedy and some scary moments! I had a good laugh when Ash's boss tells him that he is one of his favorite employees in Housewares, but since he used many Houseware's supplies to ward off a Deadite, his wages will be garnished. Poor Ash saves the world once again and gets screwed. If it wasn't for bad luck, Ash wouldn't have any luck at all. Ash does have the way with women and now I know what Moxie means...mucho machoismo! I would say that Ash has Moxie. It was incredible how the Book was moving about, possesses the body of a wandering scorpion, crawls into the city, possesses a human and then is on a flight headed to see Ash. Never judge a pretty face as someone pure and innocent, they can turn into a hidious demonic creature, especially in the reality of Ash. I know Ash is used to that and can keep his composure in that sort of crisis, but for anyone else, it would be a nightmare to deal with. At the end, all hell breaks loose and I can only wonder how Ash will handle this mess. Excellent story and spectacular artwork. Army of Darkness breathes with brilliance!

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