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Freedom Force #1

Posted: Friday, February 4, 2005
By: Michael Deeley

Writer: Eric Dieter
Artists: Tom Scioli, Tom McCraw (colors)

Publisher: Image Comics

On July 4th, 1962, alien conqueror Lord Dominion sets his sights on Earth. He plans to empower the ďgreediest, basest, and most corruptĒ humans with Energy-X. The dissident alien Mentor overhears these plans, and steals the Energy-X. Dominionís troops pursue and shoot Mentor down.

Canisters of Energy-X fall all over Earth. They do create super-powered villains, but also empower good people to oppose them. Three of these people become costumed crime-fighters: Minuteman, El Diablo, and Man-Bot. Joined by Mentor, they fight the Russian villain Nuclear Winter, and stop him from stealing a nuclear bomb. The foursome decide to form a team: The Freedom Fighters!

Damn this is fun! Based on the popular computer game, Freedom Force is a good, old-fashioned Silver Age adventure comic. Steven Grant once remarked at how old comics moved at such a quick pace. Something would happen in each panel that advanced the story. Eric Dieter and Tom Scioli achieve the same pacing. The story is full of clichťs, anti-Communism, puns, and full-on fighting. You could follow the story just by looking at the art. About how many modern comics can you say that?

Scioliís a friend, so I may exaggerate when I say no one can draw in the Kirby style like him. Scioli doesnít just copy the surface appearance of Kirbyís art; heís found the essence of that art. Every figure is drawn with power. Everything seems bigger than life. There were times when the panel threatened to just explode from the action! Kirbyís work isnít just blocky figures and weird energy. Itís the feeling of something more, of weight and import behind the comic. Scioli puts that in everything he does.

Rarely does a comic make me laugh out loud. Rarer still do I laugh from pure joy. I laughed with Freedom Force. From itís super-heroic excesses to itís out-an-out action, this is a fine tribute to the Silver Age of comics and a great read.

And if you like this, check out Scioliís self-published Myth of 8-Opus. Itís like the New Gods, only BIGGER!

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