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New Avengers #3

Posted: Friday, February 4, 2005
By: Shawn Hill

Writer: Brian Bendis
Art: David Finch and Danny Miki

Publisher: Marvel

Plot: Cap was keeping his eyes open during the fight to stop the prison breakout, and he saw something he liked. Tony, however, is still depressive.

Whatís interesting: How can this be? While I still think Bendis has no clue about who Tony Stark is on a basic level (whither the creative genius, the man of 1000 solutions to any problem, the brilliant Forge of the Avengers?), I could just eat up his Steve Rogers on a stick. This tall, blonde drink of water is as nice as could be, tough when he has to be, fair in all ways, forgiving and full of infectious enthusiasm. I feel exactly about him like Jessica Jones does, when she beams as he enters her apartment, and looks on approvingly when he makes a compelling job offer to her lover.

Cap is on a recruitment drive this issue, and once he convinces the dour Tony, itís pretty much a done deal as he rounds up the rest of the team (sans the Sentry, but, hey, thereís a bigger story there Iím sure). Even when itís not, I love how Steve just optimistically assumes what he wants to here. The trademark Bendis comic timing is actually funny again.

While I donít know if ending the Avengers unbalanced America, as Cap says, it certainly would have unbalanced the Marvel universe had it truly been final. And this team remains an intriguing new take on the concept. I couldnít be happier about the reasons for Cageís decision to join. Heís got something to prove (we donít know what yet), and he wants to make his daughter proud. That shows that the Avengers still means something, even to the writer who destroyed them.

Less interesting: Three issues in, and already the one potential traitor is the sole female on the team. I donít like this sense of Cap sheltering and protecting Jessica, as if sheís just a big screw-up on her own. While I understand the conflicted feelings over that last page where she conspires (finally, a plot is emerging!) this ainít New Thunderbolts, and I donít really need a mole on the team myself. And stop making Tony a pouty playboy; weíve already got that in Ultimates. And for Godís sake can we please stop recounting Wandaís meltdown on every summary page like itís something to crow about? Iím continuing to give Bendis rope on this series, hoping neither of us trips up.

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